HyperFlite Crossbow Arrows

Small diameter arrows offer many advantages

Designed specifically for use with Barnett’s Hyper series of crossbows, these 22-inch long HyperFlite arrows offer greater penetration with their .204-inch inner diameter size.

With that smaller diameter comes deeper penetration, less wind-drift and increased durability. It also offers maximum kinetic energy delivery.

Maintaining their straightness witin .001 inches, shot after shot, HyperFlite arrows punch through tough hides, meet less resistance when penetrating vital organs, and deliver faster and cleaner kills.

Available in packs of five, pair this arrow with your favorite Barnett Crossbow and you’ll have the greatest combination of speed, accuracy, toughness, consistency, and penetrating power in the archery hunting world.

For more info, visit: barnettcrossbows.com

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