Evolved Pro-Gro food-plot seed

Sportsmen who are committed to improving the land where they hunt through food plots aren’t necessarily the best farmers, so every little bit of help they can get is great.

That’s where Evolved’s new Pro-Gro food-plot seeds come in. The proprietary, bio-stimulant seed-coating process helps produce bigger roots that grow deeper, resulting in stronger plants that can withstand weather extremes. The seed can adjust to a variety of soil conditions, and the coating ensures that each seed can reach its potential. The result? Larger plants and more forage per acre, which means more forage for deer to eat and bigger, healthier animals.

New for 2020 are five different seed mixes: Rack ‘Em Raddish (2-pound bag), Sugar Beets & Bulbs (2-pound bag), Turnip (21/2-pound bag), Mean Bean (10-pound bag) and Clover (2- and 4-pound bags).

MSRP: $19.99 to $34.99

For more info, visit: evolved.com.

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