Last minute hunt produces trophy buck for Pierson

Chuck Pierson, a 45-year-old building contractor from Sulfur, had just completed a hunt to Buckhorn Wildlife Management Area on Jan. 12 where he downed a nice little 6-point buck with his primitive firearm the day before.

He was on his way home when a friend called inviting him to stop off at a piece of property in Concordia Parish, land where he has hunted before and his trail cameras had shown a really nice buck on the property. He decided to stop off, give it a try with the result being the buck on his camera stepped out just before dark. His aim was true and he downed a big main frame 8-point with two kickers, giving the buck 10 points.

“Some of my hunting buddies including my son and I had just finished our hunt at Buckhorn when I got the call to hunt the 550 acre plot that lies adjacent to Frogmore Plantation in Concordia Parish,” Pierson began.

Taking the shot

Hunting primarily public lands, including Buckhorn and Cocodrie, Pierson said that 99 percent of his hunts he is armed with archery equipment. Since primitive season was going on at Buckhorn and the Concordia Parish property, he was using his 45.70 Buffalo Classic primitive rifle on this trip.

“I got to the Concordia property around 3:30 that afternoon and set up in a box blind,” Pierson said. “Not long after getting settled in, a doe walked out in front of me. I watched her for awhile until she ambled on off into the woods.

“Then about 20 minutes before dark, here came the buck I had seen on camera for the past two seasons. I couldn’t believe that he stepped out at 40 yards, a good bow shot distance for me and I was wishing I had my bow. However, I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass to get a chance at this buck.”

Chuck Pierson and his 10-point Concordia Parish buck killed Jan. 12.
Chuck Pierson and his 10-point Concordia Parish buck killed Jan. 12.

The buck stopped in a cross road in front of his blind and by the time Pierson got his gun out the window, the deer was almost across the road. However, he stopped before entering the woods and Pierson was able to squeeze off a shot.

“I honestly can’t remember aiming I was so nervous and when I shot, he took off and I was shaking like a leaf,” Pierson said.

A monster buck

The buck took off, crossed a nearby slough and Pierson said he heard him crash down just across the slough.

“I called my wife and my son, who was on a stand 600 yards from me, and told them I had just shot a big buck. Before going to check on the deer. I went and picked up my son who came to help me search,” he added.

The duo quickly found the buck which had run only 50 yards and luckily, Pierson had made a perfect double-lung shot on the deer.

The buck was heavily palmated with circumference at one point near the end of a main beam measured 8 inches. Inside spread was 17 inches with big 6 inch bases and 15 inch G2s. The buck, weighing 212 pounds, was estimated to be between 5 ½ and 6 ½ years old and was green scored at 168 inches of antler.

“What blows my mind is that I had made my hunt on Buckhorn and had downed a buck the day before and was headed home before getting the call to stop by for a last-minute hunt on this property,” Pierson said. “I’m really glad I did.”

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