Craig’s must-have equipment

The first item that bowyer Gary Pat Craig puts on his must-have bowhunting list might surprise people.

But it shouldn’t.

“One of the best inventions for deer hunters in Louisiana that they’ve ever come up with is the ThermaCell,” Craig said. “With our mosquitoes, you can’t stay in the woods around here without one. And, unlike regular repellent, the deer can’t smell this.”

Next on his list is a good camouflaged ground blind — one that blends in with your surroundings, allows you to change positions with the wind and gives you room to move around without scaring the deer.

Dozens of good choices are available.

He said if you have more than one bow, it’s important to choose the one you’re most-comfortable using.

“I have more bows than the average small sporting goods store, but when I head to the woods I almost always grab my favorite 64-inch, 42-pound longbow that I made from zebrawood and bamboo,” Craig said.

His favorite arrows are the simple Mangus two-blade models.

Because of the thick areas he hunts, he also depends on a pair of Under Armour Brow Tine hunting boots.

Other items on Craig’s list:

  • A “sit and drag” sling seat
  • A compass
  • A flashlight
  • A lighter
  • A camo face net
  • A small water bottle
  • A couple of energy bars
  • A good pair of light gloves.
  • Scent killer

Last but not least, Craig said a good scent killer is a must.

But because he hunts a lot and commercial scent killer can be expensive, he and a friend found a recipe and make their own by the gallon. Check out how they do it elsewhere in this article.

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