Covert Code Black 3G wireless game camera

Receive photos from your camera via text or email

If you’re spending big bucks on your deer lease, the last thing you want to be doing is continually traipsing in and out to get the cards out of your game camera.  Covert’s Code Black takes care of that problem for you.

“It will email or text them right to your phone,” said Lea Benoit, at Bowie Outfitters in Baton Rouge. “This camera will let you know when the animal you want to hunt is near your stand without you having to go and disturb the whole area, dragging your scent in there.”

And now, it’s easy to setup with your computer – you don’t even have to go in to your phone company’s retail location.

“All you have to do is buy your carrier’s version, plug the card in and go to their website to select a data plan, which typically costs $15 to $25 a month,” Benoit said. “Then just plug in your phone number and you’re set up. It’s easy — anybody can do it.”

Bowie’s sells the Covert Code Black 3G wireless game cam for $419.99. For more information, click here.

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