Barnett Explorer crossbows

Barnett, one of the industry leaders in crossbow production, has added three models in a new Explorer series this year for hunters who want high-dollar performance in an affordable package.

The XP370, XP380 and XP400 come ready to hunt with a single-bolt assembly, 4×32 scope, a side-mount quiver, rope-cocking device and two 20-inch carbon arrows.

Two important features are the Soft Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, which holds arrows securely in place, an Anti-Dry Fire trigger system. The three crossbows propel arrows at 370, 380 and 400 feet per second, respectively, based on draw weights of 165, 185 and 200 pounds, with weights between 6 and 6.2 pounds. Overall lengths are 321/4 to 333/4 inches and all three bows are 19 inches wide.

MSRP: XP370 $329.99; XP380 $399.99; XP400 $449.99

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