Top 5 Father’s Day gifts for the sportsman

Bowie Outfitters’ manager offers some great ideas for June 19

OK guys — here’s the drill. Father’s Day is right around the corner, and unless you want to end up with a barbecue apron or another bad tie, now is the time to spring into action and start loudly suggesting to anyone who will listen possible gift ideas you’d actually like to receive this Sunday.

You can still make it happen — but there’s no time to waste. So check out a few great gift options from Bowie Outfitters manager Lea Benoit: There’s something for everyone in a wide variety of prices for all budgets.

It’s simple: Find something you like, then just share the link with the item number you’re hoping for. Print it out and circle it, if you have to — just make it obvious.

But remember, failure to act now could mean a shower caddy in your very near future…

1. Yeti Rambler bottles and drink accessories

All things Yeti remain extremely popular, and Benoit said the Rambler water bottles which came out this spring are no exception.

“They’re the hottest thing right now,” he said. “It’s the same material as their cups.”

The bottles come in 18-, 36- and 64-ounce versions, and retail for $39.99, $59.99 and $89.99.

Another new item is a lid for the company’s popular 10-ounce Lowball cups.

“Now that lids are available to purchase, it’s the best coffee cup in the world,” Benoit said. “It’s all I use now as a coffee cup because you can buy the 10-ounce Lowball and the 10-ounce plastic lid, and you’ve got hands down the best coffee cup you’ll ever have.

“You’ll throw all your glass ones away.”

The Lowball costs $24.99, and the lid is $4.99.

One more item from Yeti worth considering this Father’s Day is the Colster, their version of a koozie.

“It’s mad of the same stainless material, and it’s got a screw-on lid,” Benoit said. “You put your can or bottle down in it, then slide the top on and screw it down and it holds it here, so it can’t fall out. It keeps your drink cold until the last sip — the thing is incredible. It’s one of those things everybody should have.”

The Yeti Colster costs $29.99 at Bowie’s. For more information on Yeti products, click here.

2. A Benchmade knife

A gift of a knife for Father’s Day might conjure up images of traditional blades and a stag handle — and those are great — but Benoit said a practical, hardworking knife that dad can use every day also makes an excellent choice.

Benchmade is the best-selling brand of knife at Bowie’s — with good reason, Benoit said.

“It’s one of those you’re going to carry every day, you can beat it up and you can use it to do whatever you want,” he said. “If something were to go wrong, they cover it and they sharpen it for life.

“If the blade ever goes dull to where you can’t get an edge back on it, all you have to do is ship it them and it’s a $5 charge for return shipping and they professionally resharpen the knife and send it back to you.”

The knives start at $100 and up, and feature a lifetime warranty.

“You’re going to have that Benchmade knife for the rest of your life unless you lose it,” Benoit said. “It’s tough as nails, and if something does go wrong with it, they fix it for you.”

For more information on Benchmade knives, click here.

3. Rite in the Rain tablets

For a neat product that doesn’t cost a lot of money, check out Rite in the Rain tablets, long used by EMTs, game wardens and those people who might need to take notes in inclement weather.

“It’s basically a waterproof paper,” Benoit said. “It’s incredible. You can write on it while it’s wet and the ink will not wash off. You can use a special pen they make, or you use any pencil — that’s the give and take. You can’t just use your pen, you have to use theirs.

“But you can use any pencil, and it will be waterproof.”

Note pads and tablets come in a variety of sizes starting at about $4, and Bowie’s also sells zippered kits that start at $30.

“It’s a cool product that’s not terribly expensive,” he said. “It’s something that’s been around, but it’s new to a lot of people.”

For more information on Rite in the Rain products, click here.

4. The Wingman Plus vacuum sealer

If you’re looking for a vacuum sealer made specifically with a hunter or fisherman in mind, look no further than the Wingman Plus from FoodSaver.

“When you think of a vacuum sealer, most people think of the really expensive, stand-up model that you see at department stores,” Benoit said. “This one is just a little more geared for outdoor use, because it’s got a better seal pattern to where if you’re cleaning a lot of fish or a lot of ducks — and vacuum sealing 30 or 40 bags at one time — it will seal longer.

“This one is geared to the outdoor world.”

The Wingman Plus sealer costs $139.99 at Bowie’s. For more information, click here.

5. V-Sharp Classic II knife sharpener from Warthog

A dull knife is a real pain, and Benoit said the V-Sharp Classic II pull-through sharpener from Warthog is a foolproof, affordable, easy way to keep all kinds of knives razor sharp.

“You just put your blade flat against the vertical bar and pull through the diamond rods,” Benoit said. “That’s the difference between this sharpener and some of the cheaper models. Most of your sharpeners use ceramic rods or carbide teeth that rake against the blade.

“These rods on the sharpener are different-gritted diamond stones.”

The rods are easy to pop out and flip over for a variety of razor sharp finishes, and the sharpener comes with three angle guides to sharpen any knife.

“It holds the angle for you so you don’t have to guess,” Benoit said. “It’s absolutely foolproof, and is the easiest, most professional way to sharpen your knives.”

The V-Sharp Classic II sharpener costs $74.99. For more information, click here.

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