Two decades in the books

Has it really been that long?

The Borrow Canal near the parish line separating St. Charles and Jefferson wouldn’t rank in the top 10 of any conceivable list of desirable fishing destinations in the Bayou State.

The canal was a byproduct of the construction of Highway 90, and it isn’t especially picturesque.

But in the early 1990s, I fished there all the time because I was a boatless, nearly-broke college student, and Pier 90 back then rented beat-up, leaky flat boats for $5 a day.

Depending on the season, I caught all the bluegill, goggleye, sac-a-lait and bass I wanted, usually with the aid of a transom-mounted Motor Guide powered by the battery I’d pull out of my car.

The area was seldom crowded, and I couldn’t understand why, because it was so convenient and productive.

Like a gourmand who just can’t wait to tell others about a new restaurant he’s discovered, I decided I had to let the rest of Louisiana know about my honeyhole.

As a journalism major at Loyola, I figured the best way to do that was to write a story about the Borrow Canal, and send it to my favorite magazine, a full-tab, 150-page giant named Louisiana Sportsman.

Ann Taylor, a woman I had never met, was the editor at the time, so I addressed my cover letter to her, and sent my story on its way.

Three days later, my phone rang, and the imitable Ms. Taylor was on the other end telling me how much she loved my piece. She planned to run it in the February 1992 issue.

So began my 20-year run at Louisiana Sportsman, 18 of which I’ve been fortunate to serve as editor.

But that run will end on April 20 with the completion of the May issue.

After bringing to press nearly 600 magazines in four states (Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Mississippi), I’ve decided to pursue some other opportunities.

Leaving the magazine was the most difficult decision of my life, primarily because I love where I work, and I eat, sleep and breathe Louisiana Sportsman. But there’s a season for everything, and mine has run its course.

Beginning with the May issue, Andy Crawford will take over as editor, and I have no doubt he’ll do a fantastic job. As many of you know, Andy has served as our associate internet publisher since 2009, and before that, he had an eight-year stint as a staff writer for the magazine.

I’ll miss the staff, the story sources and the really big platform, but I’ll miss nothing more than our incredibly loyal readers.

Mere ink and paper cannot adequately channel my gratitude.

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