September issue to hit mailboxes next week

Decision comes after National Forest Service ban overturned in July, LDWF says.

The September issue of Louisiana Sportsman is on its way to the printer, and will be mailed on Saturday. That means subscribers will start seeing the issue in their mailboxes beginning on Monday.

Included in the issue is our annual WMA Forecast, in which local biologists make their predictions about which wildlife management areas will deliver the best action during the coming season.

The issue also includes a special announcement about a new product that every Louisiana deer hunter will want to acquire.

The feature lineup is as follows:

2011-12 WMA Forecast
2011, ironically, featured record floods and parching droughts. Here’s how the meteorological conditions will impact hunting this season on the state’s public lands. By Don Shoopman

Legend of Sandy Hollow
Word is, a Louisiana hunter can easily shoot his share of doves on this WMA, particularly if he has a young hunter in tow. By James “Chris” Davis

2011-12 Rut Report
Take this calendar to work and schedule your off days accordingly. By David Moreland

Rice-Land Rockets
Few hunters go through the trouble of planting dove fields, but everyone loves to hunt them this time of year. Here’s one option. By John Flores

Take Home Angler: Allen Dupont
This angler and his two buddies fish the east side of the river because it has an endless number of quality spots. By Chris Ginn

Night Light
You’ve heard of fishing under the lights at night, now try fishing over them. By Rusty Tardo

Delta Dawn
Fancy techniques aren’t necessary if you know where to fish at the mouth of the Atchafalaya River. By Jerald Horst

Flyover Country
Hardly anybody fishes this chunk of Delacroix marsh. They don’t know what they’re passing up. By Humberto Fontova

Steel Cage Match
This Rigolets hotspot draws quite a crowd because it’s so productive this time of year. By Chris Ginn

River Fever
Self-proclaimed river rat Corey Crochet has a disease for which he wants no cure. By Jerald Horst

Net Gains
Running a line of crab nets is still just as relaxing, fun and productive as it was when you were a kid. By Capt. Steve Himel

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