New rules for Louisiana’s Natural and Scenic Rivers System now in effect

Permits now required for mooring some houseboats or floating camps, 4-wheelers prohibited on designated streams

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced new rules governing the state’s 3,000-mile Natural and Scenic Rivers System which are now in effect, according to a press release.

New regulations include:

A permit is now required for a moored houseboat or floating camp, except when moored to a legally permitted piling, pier or bulkhead or moored to trees using connections that do not damage the trees and with written permission of the owner of the trees. Legally moored houseboats with a permit or letter of certification from the parish health unit, verifying an approved sewerage disposal system is on board, would also be excepted.

The use of a motor vehicle or other wheeled or tracked vehicle on a designated system stream is now prohibited, except for permitted uses and direct crossings by immediately adjacent landowners, lessees, and persons who have written permission from the landowner for non-commercial activities that do not significantly degrade the ecological integrity of the stream.

Natural and Scenic Rivers System regulations now conform with the Louisiana Scenic Rivers Act, relative to activities more than 100 feet from designated system streams that have potential to directly and significantly degrade the ecological integrity of a system stream may require a permit.

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