Video: Florida man lands giant grouper from a kayak

Fish reportedly measured more than 7 feet long with an 80-inch girth

If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of a “Cajun sleigh ride” – when a feisty redfish tows you around in your kayak before he cools off enough to land – then you can appreciate this video reportedly from a man in Cape Coral, Fla.

Capt. Jon Black of the Crazy Lure Tackle Shop landed what is being called the largest goliath grouper ever from a kayak.

Part of the fun is watching his reaction when he finally sees the fish for the first time — and also watching his rod tip snap as the fight draws to a close.

Whether it weighs 300 pounds or 550 pounds doesn’t really matter, especially when you consider the power you feel from a relatively small redfish when you’re reeling it in from the seat of your pants.

What a catch — and in case you were wondering, the fish was released.

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