Tideline Boats 235 Hybrid

As the only catamaran, the Tideline 235 Hybrid is the odd boat out in this review. Don’t take that to reflect anything negative; it may be a strong positive. The hybrid designation of the 235 is different, too. It was designed from the beginning to fish inshore and offshore equally well. Some boats make similar claims but are found to be lacking at one end of the spectrum; this one isn’t.

Forget the tales of slow catamarans when you climb on this one. It has the smooth, dry ride performance catamarans are known for, but it performs impressively too. When outfitted with 400 horsepower worth of outboards, it runs in the 60-mph range. Most people will consider that impressive for a boat that can also deliver notable fuel economy.

The founders of Tideline believe in catamaran hulls and formed the company to “Produce boats that integrate the superior, smooth, dry ride of a catamaran while maintaining the classic looks and aesthetically pleasing lines of a custom-built sportfishing boat.”

The 235 is 100-percent composite and has a functional and comfortable interior layout, as well as a superior fit and finish. Tideline uses on the best resins and cloth, then finishes the boats with top-quality wiring, switches and stainless-steel hardware.

The 235’s layout is impressive. It is designed as a twin-engine boat and carries 120 gallons of fuel for extended range. The unique Vee of the hulls shed water well to avoid spray and also avoid hull slap when fishing inshore. Below decks, there are 550 quarts of insulated fish boxes for storage and carrying your catch; a large, bow casting platform can be rigged with a trolling motor.

With only 14 inches of draft, you can head offshore in the morning and then check the flats by the inlet that afternoon. The 235 really is a hybrid, and fishermen looking for a single boat to fish inshore and offshore would be served well to give it a long look before deciding. All boats are sold from the factory in Edenton, N.C., and each customer deals directly with the manufacturer. This allows boats to be built to the individual customer’s specifications and Tideline is flexible as to the options they can provide.


Overall length: 23-foot-5

Beam length: 8-foot-6

Draft: 14 inches

Weight: 4,900 pounds (with engines)

Fuel capacity: 120 gallons,

Maximum horsepower:  400

Transferrable, 10-year hull warranty


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