SPRO pocket tail minnow

Lots of soft-plastic swimbaits look alike, but the similarities end there.

SPRO has offered fishermen a unique, boot-tail swimbait, the Pocket Tail Minnow, which is a great choice to thread onto the back of a jighead or fished on a weighted swimbait hook.

At 3 3/4 inches long, the Pocket Tail Minnow comes in 16 colors and is made from a highly resilient elastomer and infused with Amino Bite Scent, which mimics the smell and taste of a baitfish and creates a scent trail that bass, redfish, speckled trout, snook and flounder can key on.

The hard-thumping tail contains a small pocket that provides a different sound profile than any other lure. And the heavily ribbed body pushes a ton of water. So it calls fish from a distance, in clear water and dirty water alike.

MSRP: 5-pack, $6.99

For more info, visit: spro.com

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