Spro Gouken Fluorocarbon Line

The folks who have brought you great SPRO fishing lures for years now bring you something to spool on your reel and tie on those fat, little crankbaits.

SPRO  has introduced Gouken Fluorocarbon in 150-meter spools in five different sizes: 10-, 12-, 14-, 16- and 20-pound test.

A small-diameter line, Gouken is exceptionally sensitive, enabling you to make contact and feel your baits and everything they hit. Despite the small diameter, Gouken is a tough, abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon that’s great for power fishing and big hooksets.

Like all fluorocarbons, Gouken is invisible in the water; light passes through it, rather than refracting off the material, making it perfect for targeting high-pressured, spooky fish.

MSRP: $18.99

For more info, visit: www.spro.com

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