The Skeeter ZX250 is one of the latest in line of thoroughbred bass boats being produced by the company that began in the East Texas town of Marshall in 1948.

Holmes Thurman had no idea what he was launching with that first 13-foot-long, molded marine plywood boat that began the Skeeter heritage and inspired the name with its long, pointed nose.

Construction upgraded to fiberglass during the ’50s, and the improvements and innovations kept coming. There have been several owners and locations since the beginning, with the company relocating to its current location in Kilgore, Texas in the ’70s.

The Yamaha Boat Company purchased Skeeter in 1996 and remains the owner.

The ZX boats is one of the tried-and-proven lines at Skeeter, incorporating advanced hull designs and the most-current construction techniques.

Skeeter introduced the ZX202 in the mid-’90s, and it incorporated aerospace technology and modern computer software to become one of the first composite boats available in the U.S.

Another innovation on the ZX line is Skeeter’s aluminum Torque Transfer Transom and Stringer System. This patented revolutionary system is constructed of high-test, aircraft-grade structural aluminum bolted through the full-width, EX-Cel composite transom and stringers to relieve all torque and stress on the transom, deck and hull sides to make for an incredibly strong hull.

Skeeter boats combine state-of-the-art construction with unparalleled performance and features fishermen want. There is storage galore for lures and gear, plus huge fishing deck, to move and launch pinpoint casts wherever needed.

Once bass are caught, they can ride to the weigh-in in a large, aerated livewell that ensures their health when released.

Skeeter’s aggressive 20-degree deep-V hull design works in conjunction with the primary and secondary reverse chines to keep the ride dry and smooth.

The center pad is the heart of the running surface, and is engineered to deliver the best combination of speed, handling and load-carrying capability. Turning chines limit the amount of heel the boat will experience during mid- to high-speed turns, keeping the boat flat and you in control.

The sponsons on the ZX hull serve two purposes. On the hole shot, water flowing up from the setback pushes the sponsons up and pushes the boat quickly over on plane.

At rest, the sponsons act like stabilizing pontoons that allow anglers to quickly move from side to side without rocking the boat and catching fishing partners off balance.

Whether fishing or running to and from the fish, Skeeter has fishermen in mind.


• Boat Length: 20 feet, 11 inches

• Beam: 95 inches

• Draft: 16 inches

• Interior depth (at console): 20 inches

• Engine shaft length: 20 inches

• Fuel capacity: 44 gallons.

• Standard boat weight: 2,175 pounds

• Max. power: 250 horsepower

• Max. weight capacity: 1,530 pounds

• Max. persons capacity: 5/700 pounds

• Towing length on trailer: 27 feet, 8 inches

• Width on trailer: 101 inches

• Storage length on trailer (motor vertical and tongue folded): 24 feet, 4 inches

• Max. height on trailer (std. boat package): 90 inches

• Completely closed transom (no splash well)

• Limited lifetime hull warranty

Kilgore, Texas

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