Record-breaking heat — and summer hasn’t officially arrived

Tips to keep you cool on the water

1. Hydrate

Hydrating is important when temperatures soar because perspiration is the key to keeping your body from getting sick with sunstroke. When it’s hot and humid, you need to frequently replenish liquids lost to sweat. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages because both are diuretics that will cause you to urinate frequently. If you do enjoy these kinds of drinks, consume extra water to compensate.

2. Location, location, location

Move the boat often.  Summer’s not the time of the year for ‘just one more cast.’ If you’ve worked a spot for a while with no bites, move on and move often. When there’s no breeze, crank up the motor and create your own.

3. Protective clothing

Wear protective headwear, like a wide brim hat and lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. The right clothing will help your sweat cool you off. Ideally, the best fishing shirt is one that, when you take it off, you realize you’re hotter than when you have it on.

Capt. Brent Ballay and Meredith Ballay, of Cast N Blast Fishing Charters in Venice, both accomplished anglers, recommend Cool Breeze performance shirts.

“When you spend as many days of the year on the water as I do, it’s important to protect your skin while staying cool, and the Cool Breeze shirts do just that.” – Capt. Brent

“I love my Cool Breeze fishing shirt! It’s so lightweight, comfortable and it doesn’t have that fishing shirt smell at the end of the day.”- Meredith