Berkley Gulp! Surf Bytes Strips

No live bait needed

Gulp! Surf Bytes Strips were developed for surf anglers. The strips disperse 400 times the amount of scent as other soft baits on the market.

The 5 3/4-inch strips are available in five colors and can be cut to size. They can also be recharged and reused, simply by placing them back into their leak-proof bags.

These baits are simple to use and are not messy like other similar baits. They go on the hook easily, but more importantly, they attract numerous species of fish.

You’ll never worry about having bait again as long as you have a pack or two of these in your tackle bag.

They work equally well in the surf and in inshore creeks and bays, attracting everything from flounder to speckled trout to redfish and more.

Made with 4X Gulp! formula, they are ultra firm and tough enough to withstand rough surf and pesky bait thieves.

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