User Holy Mackerel: Counting many blessings

It’s been said the secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles. Sometimes we’re so caught up in whatever we forget to enjoy what we have or the moment. Even with a lifetime many of us have spent on Louisiana waters I find it hard to put into words the wonderment of wade fishing, swimming, and relaxing at Breton Island today.

Absolute paradise, and it wasn’t about the catch it was about enjoying the most peaceful, serene environment one may ever experience, the feeling of being lost in time. It’s the here and now of what we have but many of us are simply overlooking it. Maybe some of the euphoric feeling we had today was due to past and/ or present tribulations. Or maybe it’s simply time to put everything away and remember while we’re caught up in something else life is passing by us.

I spent the day on my boat fishing and watching Dr. Dan and his son Matt fish on Dr. Dan’s catamaran. After catching our limit of Trout we stayed the rest of the day enjoying some of the best of what Lousiana has to offer. Yes the Trout are there but you probably already knew that and have seen enough pics. of Trout in this lifetime so I’m not posting any of fish. This year has been one of the best years I’ve had fishing but none compared to being on the water today and it had very little to do with catching fish, sometimes we have to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses.

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