Possible new No. 2 tripletail in state

“I was completely shocked,” says Joshua Jorgensen of the massive Atlantic tripletail he reeled in on Oct. 9. “I knew they could get that big, but I never thought in a million years I would catch one like that.”

Jorgensen, the creator of the online fishing series BlackTipH, had flown out to Louisiana from his home in Florida to meet up with his buddy Blake Rigby, for a few days of fishing for tuna and tripletail. But he didn’t catch any tuna, and instead ended up with a mammoth tripletail.

That day, Jorgensen and Rigby — who runs Tripletail Charters — set out from Venice for a friendly fishing competition. As seen in the YouTube video documenting the trip, the two had some pretty good luck right off the bat. But four hours in, Jorgensen hooked “the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

“It didn’t even fight. Swam straight to the boat and right into the net,” Jorgensen told Fox News.

Both Jorgensen and Rigby knew he’d caught something special, as evidenced by their reaction once the fish was safely in the boat.

“Dude, that is a 40-pound tripletail,” Rigby answered. “I know it.”

A 40-pound tripletail would have been big enough to clinch the Louisiana record, set by a 39.5-pound fish caught in 1959. But unfortunately for Jorgensen and Rigby, they still had to get it back to the Cypress Cove Marina for weighing.

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  1. 39.50 Mrs. Jimmy Toups July 1959
  2. 39.0 Jimmy Frickey June 1977
  3. 35.80 Ron Price West Bay Nov. 2017