Speckled trout have returned. Along wading areas like the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Breton Island and Grand Isle, clousers and other baitfish patterns will be the ticket.

For the larger trout, use poppers early in the day or under overcast skies.

In the marsh areas, a white/chartreuse clouser or pink charlie fished 30 inches under a VOSI will catch plenty school trout.

Last month, there were big numbers of white trout showing up along the beaches, passes and lower estuaries. Like specks, these fish love clouser minnows. Let the fly get to the bottom, and then make small strips; often the strikes come on the first few strips.

Once you catch white trout on a 6-weight rod, you’re hooked for life.

Reds will be thick in the grassy ponds now that shrimp and crabs have flooded the interior marshes. Shrimp and crab patterns will work best, but in thicker grass go with bendbacks and spoon flies. Also try poppers early for some exciting action.

The scourge of May fishing are those southwest winds that can persist for days and bring in dirty water. If such is the case, try flies that make noise or push water, such as Rattle Rousers, Borger Crabs, Redchasers and Haley’s Comet.

Fly fishing for bream also peaks at Lakes Verret, Cataouche, Bruin, Bistineau and D’Arbonne.

But if the mighty Mississippi comes down, then the hottest spots will be the Atchafalaya Basin and the live oxbow lakes at Morganza, Vidalia, Deer Park and Yucatan.

Jitterbees, Fluff Butts, Cap Spiders, Boogle Bugs and Woolybuggers are recommended.

May brings the start of excellent topwater bug action for bass. Hair bugs, Flip Flop Poppers and Boogle Bugs work best early and late in the day. During midday, try heavy-weighted Woolybuggers and the Sqwirm Worm, which mimics baitcasters’ plastic worms.

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