Slamming trout and bull reds in Venice

This week the Sportsman TV crew gets twisted with Fin Twisters Guide Service in Venice, La. Fin Twisters owner Captain Walter Heathcock took host Greg Hackney and Bowie Outfitters’ Lee Benoit on a grand tour of the coast around Venice.

The crew started close to the marina catching slot sized redfish. With a slow bite, Captain Walter made the call to run to Buras in search of trout. By the time the crew arrived to Buras, the tide had come to a standstill. Watch the episode to see how they overcame the conditions.

To finish the show the group took Walter’s Blue Wave all the way down to South Pass in search of bull reds. They found the bulls schooled up and hungry catching a fish on nearly every cast. Watch the show to see the entertaining fish catching action.

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