Rockefeller Refuge rules

– The refuge is open for visitors from March 1 to Dec. 1 of each year.

– Official hours for use of the refuge during the open season are from sunrise to sunset.

– Overnight camping is prohibited.

– Hunting, pursuing, killing, molesting or intentionally disturbing any type of wildlife is prohibited.

– The use of trawls is prohibited, but shrimp may be taken by cast net. During the open shrimp season, harvest is limited to 25 pounds of heads-on shrimp per boat or vehicle. During closed season, 10 pounds of heads-on shrimp per boat or vehicle may be taken for bait.

– The use of trotlines, jug lines, trammel nets, gill nets and traps is prohibited.

– No commercial fishing is allowed.

– Crawfish may be harvested with set nets, and 100 pounds per boat or vehicle is allowed.

– The limit on crabs is 12 dozen (144) per boat or vehicle.

A complete list of rules for use of the refuge can be obtained from the kiosk near the entrance to the refuge headquarters office, located on the south side of Highway 82 or from the internet.

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