Throw ‘em spinnerbaits on the Sabine River

The author with a hammer of a redfish that engulfed a white spinnerbait while fishing the marsh recently.

Redfish and bass are on the slow-rolled lure in the marsh

Summertime fishing always brings back special memories for me from fishing off the dock in Grand Chenier as a young kid to when I bought my first boat at 15 years old. As I have gotten older, the roles have definitely changed. I look forward to taking my little girl that is about to be 3 years old fishing and my son that we are expecting later this summer. I truly hope they enjoy fishing and being on the water as much as I do and will cherish those memories.

We have been throwing spinnerbaits a lot here lately in the marsh at Sabine for redfish and bass and I expect that bite will continue throughout June.

The fishing should become a little more angler-friendly this month, as hopefully the wind will begin to lighten up. Spinnerbaits allow us to cover a lot of water very efficiently and produce a large amount of vibration to entice hungry redfish to strike. I have thrown a lot of different brands and I am still looking for the one that will hold up to the power of a redfish. We do keep quite a few of the Redfish Magic spinnerbaits on board; they knock the fire out of ‘em.

Keying on points

I would recommend keying in on points and deeper cuts in the marsh to increase your chances of getting bit. Cast beyond the point and then slow roll your spinnerbait by it and be ready to hang on!

Also, cast underhanded as much as possible to lessen the disturbance your spinnerbait makes when it hits the water. This tactic helps decrease how many redfish and bass you will spook while fishing in the shallow depths of the marsh.

Another tip to increase the number of bites that you will get is to raise your rod tip to get your spinnerbait to travel higher in the water column instead of increasing the rate of your retrieve. This will allow you to still slow roll it somewhat without getting hung up in the grass and without having to burn it through the fish. If you are fishing an area that is real heavy on the grass side, then throw an in-line weedless spinnerbait. They are not as popular as say, a gold spoon, but the redfish annihilate them!

In my opinion, you should be throwing braid in the marsh. I like to tie on at least several feet of either 20 or 30 pound monofilament leader line instead of tying directly to the lure, especially in clear water. A quality rod is also a must for fishing the grass in the marsh, I choose the Free Bird by Sarge Custom Rods to help make sure I can get them to the boat when it counts.

Capt. Adam Jaynes can be reached at (409) 988-3901 and on Facebook at Just Fish Guide Service.