This bait CRUSHED the fish

One of the biggest mistakes anglers make is trying to force something that just isn’t there. Over the course of my fishing career, I’ve done that roughly 1 billion times.

You know the situation: You get all your gear ready the previous evening, and your thoughts are about how the day will go, so you tie on lures you expect to work based on the season and the forecast.

Then you get on the water the next morning, and get slapped in the face by a big dose of reality. What you thought you’d do just ain’t gonna work, so you have two choices: You can try to force the day to match your dreams, or you can punt.

On my most recent trip — fortunately — I opted to punt.

My plan for the day was to target speckled trout, but I got on the water to discover the tide was low and still falling hard, and the wind was stronger than baked garlic.

I spent about five minutes trying to live the life I’d imagined before deciding to take what nature was handing me on a refrigerated platter.

Plan B

I decided to slip into the marsh, where I figured the fish would be concentrated thanks to the low water conditions. What I found was they most definitely were, and they really, really, really wanted one lure in particular.

This lure was so productive, I’d like to say I designed it, but that would be a lie. I did, however, create the color with fishing the marshes in mind.

Watch the video to see how happy I am with my creation.

I did fish a number of other lures during this trip, but the fish simply wanted nothing else. Now, obviously, no lure works in every situation, and there will be days this one doesn’t produce anything but a few water droplets on the deck, but on this particular day, I was SO glad I had it and that I tied it to the end of my line.

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