Plenty of fish to be had at Delacroix for the early-bird

(Photo courtesy Hurricane Bay Charters)

Earlier this week, Capt. Casey Brunning of Hurricane Bay Charters, reported improving water quality near Delacroix.

“The water around Delacroix is cleaning up well,” Brunning said, “even with all the wind and rains. The outside waters along Black Bay and outside of Lake Campo are gorgeous, with 2 to 3 feet of visibility. The trout are stacking up around tide-lines under the birds.”

Wait out the lull

“If you’re chasing reds, bring some lunch, and eat early,” Brunning said. “The redfish bite has been extremely early, and then it dies down.”

Brunning recommends waiting out the lull.

(Photo courtesy Hurricane Bay Charters)
(Photo courtesy Hurricane Bay Charters)

“(The bite) is picking back up around 10:30,” he said.

Live shrimp, Matrix Shad best

Brunning said that live shrimp have been available at Campos and Sweetwater Marinas.

“But you better get there early before they run out,” he said.

If you can’t procure live bait, don’t worry. There are other options that will put fish in the boat. An ultra violet Matrix Shad fished underneath a Four Horseman Cork has been consistently working for Brunning, and market shrimp will work, too.

“Fish them 2 feet under a cork,” he said. “(The redfish) have been setting up along grass lines and grass points.’

Rain and water levels fluid

Intermittent rain this week has led to variable water levels, but not extremes.

“The water has been up and down all week,” he said, “but it has stayed within high-normal and low-normal heights.”

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