Redfish piled up in Sabine Lake

Sight-fishing is a sure thing as reds feast along the lake’s shoreline ponds, guide says.

“That’s what’s so fun,” Capt. Robby Trahan said as he reeled in the chubby marsh red. “You can get so excited just watching them when you see that wake.”

And that’s the gist of the outing we had when sight-fishing some prime eastern Sabine Lake marshes on Friday (Nov. 9).

As we arrived through the cut into the first pond, redfish scattered everywhere.

“They’re in here, and we’re going to get some to bite today,” Trahan promised.

Be sure to watch the attached video!

For the first two fish, Trahan began casting LSU Wedgetails on ¼-ounce jigheads.

The fishing guide had many wakes to choose from, as the fish were in pods feasting on a variety of forage such as mullet and shrimp.

The second fish was taken near a point that a group of reds were favoring.

But on the first cast, the fish showed no interest.

“After they don’t hit like that, lots of times they’ll just stay there and sit on that mud,” Trahan said.

Sure enough, on the second cast a fish did strike, but it didn’t take the hook.

“He should still be sitting right there; there’s a lot of bait on that corner,” Trahan said. “There he is, right there.”

He set the hook on a slot red, and dragged it boatside.

As the day progressed, the angler switched to a Zara Spook Jr., and the fish followed the bait but refused to pounce on it.

He then placed a small popping cork above an LSU Wedgetail.

“A lot of times they’ll take the plastics under a popping cork when the topwaters don’t work,” Trahan said.

The results were successful, as a little later Trahan was holding a beautiful, golden Sabine Lake marsh red.

Editor’s note: Trahan can be reached at 337-309-7881 or at his Web site.

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