Other good Lake Pontchartrain fishing hotspots

Although Capt. Kenny Kreeger spent the whole morning of this recent trip at the CSX bridge, primarily because a strong west wind kept the water too rough or too muddy in other spots, he explained that there are many other good hot-weather (June to September) mix-up spots.

“Everything around pilings is good. I love the I-10 bridge,” he grinned. “You can fish in the shade. The south side of the (bridge’s) hump is the best spot. Of course, I like the L&N (CSX) bridge. The Highway 11 bridge is good, especially by the fender on the south draw.

“The tressels is also good. Fish near the big, round concrete abutment where the old draw was. Also, halfway down between Slidell and New Orleans, look for the vertical sign that says, ‘175.’ There is a clam bed there that holds a lot of fish.

“Also, there are the old concrete sections of the tressels that used to be firebreaks when the bridge was wooden. The second firebreak from the north shore holds a lot of redfish and sheepshead. You can tell the firebreaks by the faded look of their concrete.”

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