Marsh Man Masson vid: Catching monsters during popular fishing rodeo

It’s all about the journey AND the destination

Some anglers HATE competitive fishing, but I’m not one of them, especially when the time on the water ends in a festive party with lots to drink and way too much delicious seafood.

That’s the way the annual CRC Rodeo is structured, with anglers competing for trophies in six categories, and all of them looking most forward to the party that culminates the event. The rodeo is exceptionally well run, and as a result has grown rapidly in popularity in only six years.

I invited my good friend Jonathan Ryan of Jefferson to fish the CRC with me, and although Day One was a little disappointing, we had sometimes silly action on Day Two, while trying to catch the rodeo’s heaviest bass, heaviest single redfish, heaviest double redfish under 27 inches and redfish with the most spots. Other categories included heaviest speckled trout and heaviest sheepshead, as well as separate kids categories (heaviest speckled trout, redfish and non-redfish).

The video is as fun as the event. Be sure to check it out, and give it a thumbs up.

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