Lake Borgne trout and reds are a sure thing this month

June means the trout are in their full-on summer pattern, according to Capt. Matt McCabe of Pro Edge fishing charters (985-640-0207).

“They’ve pretty much all left the lake and have migrated out through the Rigolets bridge and CSX bridge and into Lake Borgne,” he said. “Focus on Alligator Point, Polecat Bend and Star Bayou. They’re going out and seeking that higher salinity water to spawn.”

McCabe prefers to go early before it gets too hot and once the trout bite dies off, Biloxi Marsh is a great place to go find redfish.

Because the local shrimp are now here, the trout are switching to eating the crustaceans from finfish, and he prefers live shrimp and shrimpy soft plastics, like a shrimp Creole or shrimp cocktail Matrix Shad or Vudu Shrimp.

“No two days are the same, so you’ve got to go out with an open mind as to what they’re doing and eating,” he says. “Because the mornings are calmer, you can start out early  with a topwater like a Matrix Mullet along the shoreline grassbeds, points and islands. Also, keep an eye out for birds diving.”

Because he doesn’t know what the fish are doing, McCabe will have clients throwing different rigs until one proves itself to be better than the others.

“I’ll have one guy throwing a drop shot rig, one with a Carolina rig and one with a sliding cork,” he says. “I’ll do that for about three minutes in the morning until I get it dialed in, then it’s game on.”

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