Lafitte fishing hot even with high winds, LETUMGROW reports

Redfish, bass, catfish available

High winds didn’t keep user Chris Ducote and his family off the waters this weekend, and they were rewarded with a plenty of met for the freezer.

“(We m)ade a nice weekend trip to our camp in Lafitte Friday afternoon (April 8) and fished with a lot of wind both Friday afternoon and all day Saturday,” Ducote wrote this morning (April 11). “As much as I hate fishing in the wind it did not slow down the bite. We caught fish both days in some pretty stiff winds.”

Ducote, who goes by “LETUMGROW” on the reports forum, reported that the best part of the trip was that all manner of fish seemed to be hungry.

“The neat part about this weekend was the variety of fish we caught,” he explained. “We were fishing the Little Lake area mostly and picked up bass, catfish, specs and reds all in the same area and on the same baits.

“Every time you would get a hit you didn’t know what you would pull up!”

Check out LETUMGROW’s profile page to see all the photos from the weekend trip.

Here are a few examples of how the fishing action progressed on their first day at the camp:

“My bride (Annette Ducote, aka “Mrs.Letumgrow“) saw some movement in a big grass bed and told me to get her closer so she could make a cast at the fish,” Ducote wrote. “When she did she got a hard hit using a gold spoon and fought this fish in the heavy grass for quite a while, she finally won the battle to find she had hooked a big 10-pound blue cat!

“We were fishing a big grass flat and there was a lot of movement all over the area. We were catching and seeing every kind species of fish from both saltwater and freshwater. We were using gold spoons and spinner baits (gold blade with motor-oil body).”

The great action continued on Saturday.

“Saturday afternoon we had mother-in-law fishing with us, and she caught her best red ever,” Ducote said. “It was a big 11-pound, 11-ounce beauty. She fought that fish for a very long time before she won the battle and she got it in.”

The die-hard outdoorsman said the trip proved that Lafitte still has plenty to offer.

“(T)he spring fishing in the Lafitte area is really showing signs for a great upcoming summer,” Ducote said. “Take care and hope you can join us for some of this fun this summer.

“Note: All fish in the making of this e-mail were released in gallon zip-loc bags and will be treated to a hot oil bath at a later date!”

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