How to find fish in unfamiliar marsh

Marsh Man Masson explores new area

Every angler has secret honey holes, the places known only to him or her that offer a reasonable chance for success. I have those as well, but I’m always on a quest to locate new ones. What I really LOVE to do is branch out from areas that are familiar into those that have never floated my boat.

I did that at the end of last week. After conducting some map study at home, I went exploring in a section of marsh that isn’t easy to get to and really doesn’t receive a lot of pressure. The trip started slowly but quickly ramped up, with a variety of species — including redfish, speckled trout, marsh bass and more — coming over the gunwale.

The trip was an unqualified success, and I plan to hit the area again soon to branch out even farther, trying new techniques in addition to the ones that delivered for me on this trip. The tips included in the accompanying video should aid you on your quests into new waters in South Louisiana.

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