Guide Eric Dumas says Causeway is ready

The word on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is, HOT HOT HOT. I have been out several times and the fish are on the bridge. Here are some keys to success.

Number 1, I have been getting to the launch at about 8-9 o’clock in the morning. These fish love to bite when the sun comes up, so there is no rush on getting there.

I worked the four-mile area both ways, and caught fish with not a dull moment. It’s an all-day bit. Just be patient: If you go 10 poles without a bite, just keep going because they are around.

Pick a spot not too close behind another boat, and work the poles and pay close attention where you catch the fish so you can pick up a pattern. They will be in the same spot on every pole, so don’t waste any cast away from that spot within 3 feet of the poles. Just fish as many poles as you can.

For those of you who don’t know when you’re on the bottom, go to a heavier jig head, and that’s key No. 2: Make sure you’re on the bottom.

Number 3 don’t over-work your bait. Just a nice, slow jig and pull. Also, put the wind to your back and use it to your advantage to move you down the bridge.

If you feel any weight on the line, it is fish. Set the hook right then because it is not a very hard bite.

Best Time to fish—– All Day

Jig Head—————-3/8-1/2oz. short shank unpainted

baits—————–opening night deadly Dudley baychovie

rod of choice———Castaway Skeleton worm rod Heavy

Dumas can be reached 985.705.1244 or online at