Frabill Trout net series

Frabill’s series of floating trout nets brings to anglers who are wading or fishing from small boats or kayaks, a handy, excellent aid for finishing up a battle with a worthy, finned opponent.

First, the short handle makes it easy to move when trying to net a fish in swift or still water. The hoop is buoyant, so if it’s dropped in the drink, it will stay on the surface. You shouldn’t drop it, either, because an attached lanyard can keep it tethered to you or your vessel.

The hoop is finished in gunmetal, so there’s no shine to spook a fish that’s on the way to the square-bottom of the net, which is built with tangle-free, dipped micromesh material so a fish’s slime coat won’t be damaged and so you won’t spend any time trying to untangle hooks from the net.

Nets come in five sizes, from teardrop to square, depending on the kind of fishing you’re doing. There will be one to fit your needs.

MSRP: $24.99-$27.99

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