Kayak angler having good spring flounder season

Tony Menard of Iota landed this nice flounder from his kayak on April 18. he was fishing near Hackberry in West Cove Marsh.

Flounder fishing along Louisiana’s coast has been a mixed bag for many anglers this spring, but one southwest Louisiana fisherman is making it look easy. On April 18, Tony Menard of Iota, fishing from a kayak, caught a beautiful 18-inch flounder in West Cove Marsh near Hackberry.

“I was fishing along a grass-line in the marsh,” Menard said, “using a tandem rig with a 1/8-ounce jighead on the top and a ¼-ounce jighead on the bottom.”

Both jigs were made by Down South Lures. One was pearl-colored with a chartreuse tail and the other was “Purple Rain” — purple with silver flake and a chartreuse tail.

“I was just bouncing them along the grass line because I saw some baitfish scattering like something was chasing them,” he said, “and sure enough, I ended up snagging the flounder right where I was tossing along the grass line.”

Although West Cove Marsh is a popular fishing spot, there were only a few other kayak fishermen and a boat or two on the water when Menard caught the fish.

Menard recommends using a sensitive rod and braided line when targeting flounder.

“When you are anticipating that bite from a flounder, and you feel that bump, it’s much easier to feel it with a sensitive rod paired with a braided line,” he said.

Menard caught the fish using a 13 Fishing reel on a medium-action, fast-tip, Falcon rod.

Happy with his latest catch, Menard said he caught his personal best last year: two 4½-pounders caught on back-to-back days.

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