Delacroix trout action picks up users follow diving birds to land monster specks

It looks like speckled trout fishing is picking up in Delacroix, with flocks of birds pointing the way for anglers. regular “Holy Mackerel” filled his ice chests with monster trout while chasing birds over the weekend.

Here’s what Holy Mackerel had to say today in the Inshore Fishing forum:

I’ve been waiting for that report from Ms. Cindy and Capt. Jack (at Sweetwater Marina) about clean water. I couldn’t wait to get back to my first love ‘Delacroix’ to fish again. It felt like being home when I pulled into the parking lot to see my friends at Sweetwater Marina but Capt. Jack’s report of mule Trout under birds would have anyone suspicious.

Worked til 6 a.m. so I met Paul Gegenheimer (aka “Billfish“) at my home afterwards, and we made our way to Sweetwater Marina. Left the marina at 7:30 a.m. headed for the Pencil Canal, but stopped short in Little Lake (Petit Lake) finding birds diving. No way it could be this easy; our corks went under immediately yielding two sail cats on steroids.

My next cast I felt a huge rrout head shaking. Billfish told me I was nuts, but I lost it and he landed another sail cat. The next cast Billfish had a 21-inch trout flipping on the floor, and I had an 18-inch trout land right beside it.

We stayed with those birds until we had a little over 20 trout in the box, not one of which was under 16 inches.

I’m sure many fishing Delacroix passed right over that spot; we would’ve, too, if the birds weren’t there, so luck does play a part.

When that fizzled, I headed south in the Pencil Canal (and) then turned east into Lake Fausan and we were immediately rewarded with birds and large trout once again. This was the pattern for the rest of the day; find birds, catch six to eight trout (and) then move or wait for them to form again.

I have never caught trout under birds that size. (O)f the 50, five of them were 21 inches, a few 20 inches, the rest 16 to 19 inches with two throwbacks all day, and my best guess is those were 14-inch trout we didn’t measure because they only appeared small.

Click here to see all the photos from the trip.

This was not a one-stop shop; we had to run and gun in the usual hotspots in order to reach 50, and for the most part the water clarity left something to be desired.

Sunday was a different story. I was joined by Billfish and Mark Faurie aka ‘REDMAN’ limiting out by 11 a.m. with 75 nice trout. The water had cleaned up nicely, making it easier for the trout, the birds and, naturally, for the fishermen.

Thank you Ms. Cindy, Capt. Jack and the Sweetwater Marina crew for the unsurpassed hospitality. (If you’re t)hinking of learning Delacroix, Capt. Jack is unselfish with his sharing of information, and money spent chartering with him would be a great investment!

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