Deck the yak – Products the kayak angler on your Christmas list will love

As you can imagine, Santa’s sleigh is decked out with plenty of useful accessories to make kayak fishing more fun and productive.

Here’s a list of Santa’s Top 10 items (well, 11 — even Santa knows about lagniappe) that any kayak angler on your Christmas list will appreciate:

1. St. Croix Avid Inshore rod — Fighting tough, inshore fish from a low, seated position demands a high-quality rod, and St. Croix’s Avid Inshore is the 2015 ICAST Best of Show for saltwater rods.

Featuring a distinctive seafoam-colored, high-modulus graphite blank, super-grade cork handles and corrosion-proof titanium guides, the Avid Inshore is perfect for kayakers. It provides smooth actions, increased strength and greater sensitivity.

The line features more than 20 spinning and casting models to fit your exact preference, and each comes with a 15-year St.Croix transferable warranty.

MSRP: $230-290 

2. Lowrance Elite Series combo fishfinder/chartplotter — The Lowrance Elite combo series offers full and split-screen color views that allow you to navigate to a precise location while getting a full view of what lies beneath the surface. And CHIRP technology shows fish targets better than ever before.

Routing and tracking features help you navigate to remote reaches of the marsh and easily find your way back.

Available in 5-, 7- and 9-inch screens.

MSRP: Begginning at $499

3. Louisiana Geaux Card — Paired with compatible Lowrance chart plotters, the Geaux Card from Legend Cartography provides a highly detailed satellite map for your GPS.

You’ll see your exact location on brilliant, high-resolution aerial imagery. So whether it’s an area you’ve fished your whole life or a trip to parts unknown, you’ll see where you are and where you want to go.

A wider range of colors allows users’ eyes to more quickly discern large and subtle differences in terrain and water features. Also includes navigation aids, tides, currents, roads and pipelines.

The Geaux Card covers coastal Louisiana from Texas to Mississippi.

MSRP: $229.99

4. Mambo Mullet — There isn’t a Gulf Coast fisherman who hasn’t heard of the Egret Baits Vudu Shrimp, which has become a staple in virtually every coastal angler’s tackle box.

Enter the Mambo Mullet. Made of the same durable TPE plastic as the Vudu Shrimp, the Mambo Mullet is shaped like a baitfish.

With “reverse hydro cups” in the tail section, the lure vibrates and dances at any retrieve speed. The 3.5-inch size comes in 10 fish-catching colors, and is rigged with a premium integrated hook.

MSRP: $7.99 (two-pack)

5. Abu Garcia Revo MGX reel/Villain 2.0 spinning rod — Abu ramped up the Revo MGX spinning reels with 12 total corrosion-resistant bearings and high-tech components to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. These braid-ready reels come in sizes 20 and 30, and are tough enough to take on all inshore brutes.

Paired with an Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 spinning rod, it’s a powerful but sensitive combo.

Villain 2.0 features quality components, including titanium alloy micro-guides and a split-grip EVA handle.

MSRP: Revo MGX $299.95; Villain 2.0: $199.99

6. Micro Power-Pole — A Power-Pole on a kayak? You bet.

The Micro is a scaled-down version of the wildly popular Power-Pole, and is perfect for paddle craft and tiny skiffs.

The Micro Power-Pole gets you anchored quickly and quietly, and can be mounted to a wide variety of kayak models and brands. Powered by a small, 12-volt battery or an available Lithium ION battery pack, the Micro solidly sticks your yak in place.

Neck-worn and deck mount remote controls are included, and there’s a free app for controlling the Micro with Android smart phones.

MSRP: $595 (8.5 foot spike sold separately)

7. YakAttack VISICarbon Pro — Safety is the No. 1 concern for kayakers, and enhanced visibility to others is paramount — second only to wearing a PFD.

The VISICarbon Pro combines a super-bright, 360-degree white light with a brightly colored flag for increased visibility day or night. The carbon pole collapses and stores inside the flag, which is day-glow orange and gets you seen from long distances without blending into your surroundings. The foam base slips into most rod holders or can be mounted to a variety of common kayak accessory bases for easy on/off.

MSRP: $85

8. YakAttack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley — Whether you use a stake-out pole or traditional anchor, the LeverLoc Anchor Trolley allows for precise orientation. The unique design quietly moves your anchor point to the bow, stern or anywhere in between, and it works on virtually any make or model kayak. A simple lever locks the line in place once the desired anchor point is reached.

Combined with the specially designed Pad Hooks, the anchor ring snaps in place to keep the system quietly and neatly secured.

MSRP: $35

9. Berkley Cinch — The Berkley Cinch is one of those products you’ll wonder how you got along without. The Cinch can be used to bundle fishing rods, keep anchor ropes neat and secure lures to your rod for transport. The possibilities are endless, and there corrosion isn’t an issue because there are no metal components, corrosion is not an issue.

The Cinch comes two to a pack, and are available in 6-, 8- and 10-inch sizes. Easy on and off, the collar slides along the stretch cord for a range of adjustments.

MSRP: $2.99

10. Hobie H-Crate — Crates are popular accessories for storing and carrying kayak fishing gear, and Hobie has taken the crate from simple utility to technical function. Recessed mounting locations make it easy to add accessories, and rod holders on all four corners include retainers to secure rods to the crate.

Mounting straps lash the crate to the kayak, and the top carry handles are made from Hobie’s H-Rail tubing, which means a variety of H-Rail accessories can be securely mounted to the crate.

Although designed by Hobie, the H-Crate works well with a wide variety of kayak brands and models.

MSRP: $139

11. SeaDek — SeaDek is a durable, non-absorbent EVA foam material specifically designed for marine applications. The non-skid surface greatly aids in cushioning and reducing sound on kayak decks. It comes ready to install, with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. And it’s easy to clean.

Custom kits are available for a variety of popular makes and models, and if your kayak is not available, SeaDek sells an inexpensive template kit.

It’s available in several standard colors, and various textures and thickness. Custom color combinations and logos are available.

MSRP: $45-266 

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