Berkley PowerBait Power Swimmer

Power Swimmer catches numerous species of fish

Berkley PowerBait has been making novice anglers good, and good anglers great for many years. And now it’s infused into Berkley’s Power Swimmer, a swimbait appropriate for catching numerous species of predator fish.

Available in a range of sizes from 2 inches up to 4.3 inches, these lures are perfect for everything from speckled trout to cobia. Stripers and largemouth bass will also chomp down readily on these lures.

The ribbed body moves lots of water, even when retrieved at slow speeds, and the tried-and-true paddletail creates plenty of action to attract fish.

Rig it with a jighead, put it on an Alabama rig, use it as a spinnerbait trailer, or as a weighted swimbait. It’s availalbe in numerous eye-popping colors.

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