Gamakatsu DuraScent baits

Gamakatsu has made some of the world’s best fish hooks for years, and finally, the company has come out with something to put on those hooks.

Entering the saltwater soft-plastic market with a series of DuraScent baits, Gamakatsu has something for almost anything an angler wants to target with artificial shrimp (3 per package, 2.3 inches long), crabs (4 per package, 1 inch), sandworms (5 per package, 3.3 inches), octopus (2 to 5 per package) 1.5, 4.5 and 6 inches) and salmon egg imitations.

DuraScent baits are made from a super-soft elastomer that is extremely durable and flexible, allowing baits to be stretched out to six times their original length, and they also float.

Baits are infused with an all-natural blend of fish-attracting scents including shrimp, crab, fish oil and squid and are available in a variety of color patterns.

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