Reader Report: 3.1-pound crappie

Kyle Berry of Grayson hooked this 3.1-pound crappie on Feb. 12, 2020, in Caldwell Parish.

“We had been fishing all morning and had caught a pretty good mess,” he said. “The bite had slowed way down; me and my buddy were just sitting there talking and I saw a bunch shad running on top of water. So, I picked up a bass pole I had with us, that had a chartreuse spinnerbait on it, and threw it about 15 feet in front of where we saw the shad running. Within a few seconds, something smoked the spinnerbait.

Not knowing it was a white perch at the time, I was thinking this is a decent bass. Well, once I got it up close, I was like, ‘damn that’s a white perch (aka crappie).’ I flipped him in, and we got scales out and weighed it and cut the spinnerbait off the  line and put it away so the taxidermist could put it with mount. “