Prespawn sac-a-lait at Bayou Des Allemands

Sunday was not an ideal day to fish for sac-a-lait. It was stunningly gorgeous without a cloud in the sky and a big high was firmly in place. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.

We were fishing the Bayou Des Allemands area and the fish were obviously not deterred by the less than ideal conditions. Clyde Folse, better known as the “Crappie Psychic” and the inventor and manufacturer of his popular baits, was also not deterred. Initially he thought the sac-a-lait would be holding tight to the cut grass edges of the canal, but they were actually holding off a ways in the submerged grass.

Clyde Folse, aka the "Crappie Psychic," with a nice sac-a-lait.
Clyde Folse, aka the “Crappie Psychic,” with a nice sac-a-lait.

As the day wore on, the bite continued to move out further almost to the middle of the canal, which was probably 5 to 6 feet. We fished a bit deeper on a weighted cork than usual, probably 30 inches as opposed to the normal 18 or so. Folse thinks the fish have not quite ganged up yet and spawning, but it should be any day now throughout south Louisiana.

What we used

Crappie Trailers

Folse’s “Crappie Psychic” scented trailers have made their mark throughout the crappie fishing world and of course those were deployed on all our 1/16-ounce jigs.

Crappie Weapon

The company has also just begun to release their first crappie jigs aptly titled the “Crappie Weapon.” They are different in a lot of ways from traditional plastic jigs. They are stiffer, create a lot more air bubbles and are a little bigger than normal. It seemed this was our advantage over other anglers in the area. They noted how many fish we were catching and were checking us out pretty closely.

We finished the day with over 60 beautiful fish and they were some good eating!

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