Fishing with a crappie master

In this video, I head out with my ole buddy Murphy Royer. Royer has devoted the better part of his life to crappie fishing. In Louisiana, we refer to crappie as sac-a-lait. This is a French term meaning “bag of milk” and it refers to the pretty white filets that come off the crappie fish.

We are fishing the crappie spawn in this video, but the fish are actually holding a little bit deeper than usual during the spawn. Royer breaks down the best techniques for catching crappie on a day like this and the best rod and reel combo for crappie fishing. He also talks about the best baits for crappie fishing as well.

It’s always great to spend time with someone who is a wealth of knowledge about Louisiana sac-a-lait fishing, but the info he gives can be used to fish for crappie anywhere in the country.

You can check out more hunting and fishing videos on Jared Serigné’s YouTube channel, Outside the Levees.