Berkley PowerBait Split Belly

The new Berkley PowerBait Split Belly offers anglers an alternative, split-belly version of the Hollow Belly Swimbait that exploded into the market in 2008.

Designed off the Hollow Belly, the 4- and 5-inch Split Belly has a lifelike texture, 3D eyes and eight colors to match any baitfish. The distinctive split belly collapses to allow for wider hook gap generating instant hook sets when fish decide to bite.

Split Belly swimbaits are dosed with the PowerBait formula. Fish that bite PowerBait hang on longer than they do to conventional soft plastic baits, resulting in more time to set the hook.

Colors for the PowerBait Split Belly include: Anchovy, Gizzard Shad, Hitch, Pearl Blueback, Pearl White, Purple Tiger, Rainbow and Senorita. the PowerBait Split Belly is lased with PowerBait scent that fish bite and don’t let go.

Retail: $5.99