Berkley Gulp! Crawler

Night crawlers have been one of the most popular baits to catch walleye and bass, but digging them up and caring for them takes time and effort. The new Berkley Gulp! Alive! and Gulp! 4-inch Crawler is easy to find and the effort is spent hauling in fish – rather than shovel in hand.

The ideal bait for drop shot, jig head or to tip a spinner rig, the 4-inch Crawler is designed to be more durable and easier to use than its live cousin. Live bait seems to always move out of the way at the precise moment when you are about to insert the hook. With the lifelike imitator, no longer will crawlers escape the hook. Instead, anglers everywhere will be spending more time with their lines in water and not fiddling with a mess that will only be thrown out once finished.

Unlike live bait, Gulp! Alive! and Gulp! Crawlers can be used multiple times. Simply place them back into the containers and baits are instantly re-charged for the next trip on the water.

The 4-inch Crawler is available in Gulp! Alive! oval buckets that make for easy storage and convenient use. Gulp! 12-count packages of the 4-inch crawler are also available in re-sealable packages that can be stored in any tackle bag or box.

The Gulp! Alive! Crawler comes in three colors: Chartreuse, Natural and Pumpkinseed. The Gulp! Crawler packages come with 12 crawlers per re-sealable package and are available in nine colors: Black, Chartreuse, Chartreuse Pepper, Green Pumpkin, Natural, Pumpkinseed, Smelt, Watermelon Pearl and White.

Retail: $19.99 (bucket), $5.99 (packages)