Cool Breeze Gen 3 available now!

What’s So Cool about Cool Breeze?

Meet your new favorite fishing shirt.

The third generation of the Sportsman’s high-performance Cool Breeze shirts have arrived, and they’re made from a revolutionary fabric with moisture-activated cooling technology. They’re so lightweight, you’ll barely feel like you have a shirt on at all.

“This is the ultimate Cool Breeze shirt,” said Tony Taylor, Louisiana Sportsman’s publisher. “I’ve been wearing these since the first generation came in, and it really is a phenomenal shirt. I love it. I think it’s the best fishing shirt I’ve ever put on in my life.”

The brand-new third generation shirts feature a flattened yarn charged with nano-mineral particles that draw heat away from the skin and create a cooling sensation triggered by sweat. The yarn is designed with aqua channels to transport moisture to the outer layer of the fabric, which lowers your skin temperature.

Instead of spending your day in a funky wet sweaty shirt, your sweat will be cooling your body off while it evaporates. No more fishing trips with an irritable soggy shirt weighing you down.

“We’ve been searching the world over — literally — to find this fabric, and we finally settled on this one and I’ve been testing it for a while,” Taylor said. “It’s the coolest, most comfortable shirt I’ve ever put on.”

Vented backs and sides will keep you cool on the water, cutting the grass, or while you’ve got your fish on the grill. Wherever your travels take you this summer, you’ll be traveling in style and comfort.

“I don’t like a normal polyester shirt — I don’t think they breathe enough — but this one has special cooling mesh panels that will let a breeze come right through to your skin, where you need it most, in the back and on the sides,” Taylor said.

The coolness of our Cool Breeze shirts doesn’t stop there, there’s more.

The fabric is also treated for odor control, with anti-microbial agents woven into the fibers that can kill or inhibit the growth of those microorganisms and bacteria we all encounter out fishing.

Topping it off,  Cool Breeze shirts have a UPF rating of 50+. Being avid outdoorsmen (and women), we frequently expose ourselves to the sun’s damaging UV rays. When we’re fishing, we add the extra exposure from the water’s reflective surface. UPF ratings for  fabrics incorporate many factors, like, fiber weaves, fiber types, stretch, construction, treatments, and even what dyes are used. We left no stones unturned. When it comes to protecting your skin, we’ve got you covered.

Could there be more?

Well, yes… Cool Breeze’s are now available in six colors and three prints in long sleeve! Short sleeves will arrive in July.

The Pros and Quarter Zips now have the half-back mesh panels.  Short-sleeve shirts will be arriving next month. The Classics have mesh panels under the arms.

And we have a fantasticFather’s Day gift pack !

Order a Cool Breeze and we will include a Cool Breeze Neck Wrap, a Sportsman Decal and a Sportsman Drawstring bag!

Click here to go to the Sportsman Store to order your third generation Cool Breeze shirts today, and start looking forward to the coolest  summer ever.