Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge for Lake Borgne

Features more than 160 waypoints in the area

As a longtime fisherman of the Lake Borgne area, I had a vast library of locations to fish — and more than 160 of these are included in the Lake Borgne Edge file.

This Edge covers an area from the shoreline at the Mississippi Sound to Shell Beach, and from the Intracoastal Waterway on the west to the lake shoreline by the Biloxi Marsh on the east.

You will find locations such as the pilings in the southern part of Lake Borgne at Bayou Yscloskey shown as waypoint LKB45 plotted as 29°52.0689’ N Lat ~ 89°40.4087’ W Long, which is an excellent spot for flounder — and the mouth of Bayou Yscloskey in the lake shown as waypoint LKB104, plotted at 29°52.1163’ N. Lat ~ 89°40.4773’. This is a key location to get in and out of the lake from the Shell Beach area.

It also has the mouth of Doulluts Canal at the shored-up shoreline shown as waypoint LB106 plotted at 29°51.7327’ N. Lat ~ 89°39.1036’ W. Long.

It also has waypoints on the western side of the lake in and around Bayou Bienvenue, and locations around the Intracoastal Waterway and Chef Menteur Pass. It has a location where there are remnants of an old gas drill hole at Bayou Magill in the lake, shown as waypoint LKB34A at 30°02.2242’ N. Lat ~ 89°45.1913’.

It has the mouth of the bayou just north of Alligator Point shown as waypoint LKB at 30°01.6061’ N Lat ~ 89°43.0067’ W Long.

On the eastern side of the lake it has locations such as the mouth of Bayou Hasouse (aka Bayou Sue) at the lake shown as waypoint BYU SUE LKB located at 29°53.6907’ N Lat. ~ 89°35.4403’ W Long. This opens the Biloxi Marsh area to several other nearby deeper bayous.

Naturally, it has Bayou Biloxi at the lake at 29°59.8504’ N. Lat ~ 89°33.4055’ W. Long.

Also included is the well site designated as the Tulane Rig, with two platforms at 30°01.6010’ N. Lat ~ 89°36.3240’ W. Long.

In addition, there are over thirty-five (35) sites in the open lake where gas platforms were once located, with those corresponding waypoints. My depth finder shows an irregular bottom at many of these locations, making them worth a cast or two when in the area.

I call the program “Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge” because I believe it give the angler an advantage in getting to, finding fishing spots, moving around and getting back from some of the premier fishing areas in the state.

Presently, Capt. Paul’s Edge is available for 21 different areas, including Barataria Bay, the Rigolets, Hopedale to the Miss Sound, Hopedale to Bayou Terre Boeufs, Delacroix to Point a la Hache, Bayou Bienvenue, Port Sulphur, Lake Pontchartrain, Calcasieu Lake, Pearl River WMA, Lafitte, Leeville East and Leeville West, Vermilion Bay, Empire-Buras, Myrtle Grove, Cocodrie/Dulac, Bayou Sauvage NWR, Big Branch NWR and Lake Borgne, which is highlighted in this column.

Each of the Edge programs have more than 100 of my fishing and navigation waypoints, and they’re written in most of the common formats needed for consumer GPS units.

Edge Waypoints can be electronically installed

Each file can be downloaded into a variety of GPS units. All of the EDGE programs are sent as an email attachment to your computer address. This data download enters all of Capt. Paul’s Waypoints into the unit, and each download also features a general map of the area in 1:100,000 scale, as well as individual information on each waypoint.

These map images cannot be installed in the GPS unit, but offer a location of the waypoints and their descriptions, as well as a READ ME and INSTRUCTIONS file.

To order an Edge file, you must have an email address that accepts attachments. All of Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge  files can be found in Louisiana Sportsman’ s Outdoor Store (

In addition, there are several link buttons throughout which will bring you to the EDGE ordering page.

Remember that you must state your brand of GPS unit, your email address and the selected area.

NOTE: The Edge files are NOT brand name interchangeable — so be sure to make the correct GPS selection. 

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