Blue Wave 2400 Pure Bay

The Blue Wave 2400 Pure Bay is the flagship at Blue Wave and embodies the latest in modern bay-boat design and construction. The Seminole, Okla., boat-builder set out to design the ultimate 24-foot bay boat and followed that mandate well this time.

Fishermen were involved in the design of the 2400 Pure Bay, and it shows. Storage boxes and livewells are where they need to be to make fishing easier, and the storage boxes lock. Both casting decks are large to allow fishermen to move around, and the hull is stable to make them comfortable doing it. The custom leaning post makes the ride easy for two primary anglers, and if there are guests aboard, two more flip-up seats built into the rear-casting deck take care of them. Blue Wave’s 3-inch Pro Series Drains in the livewells and an AFD drain system suck water off the deck and away from dry shoes.

Fishermen often complain about livewells, but not the one on the 2400 Pure Bay. The huge rear livewell has fill pumps, recirculation pumps and Pro Air as standard. The hatch is also large enough to place your catch in and retrieve easily.

Blue Wave utilizes the newest, state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes. The chines are reinforced with multi-strand fiberglass rods, and the grid system is bonded 360 degrees with Plexus to not only survive, but thrive, in rough conditions.

The 2400 Pure Bay is a rare mix of the ability to ride smooth and dry in heavy chop, yet still float in less than 12 inches of water. Not having a splash well allows for a large rear casting deck and a very large bilge access area. There are rod holders and storage for 24 rods, so having the right outfit for any fishing is easy.

Getting back to performance, the 2400 Pure Bay comes rigged with a 10-inch hydraulic jack plate, Lenco trim tabs and hydraulic steering. Everything works together and in comfort, plus be a rock solid, well laid out fishing machine that helps fishermen.


Overall length: 24-foot-5

Beam length: 8-foot-6

Draft: 12 inches

Hull weight: 2,200 pounds

Fuel capacity: 75 gallons

Maximum horsepower: 300

Maximum weight: 2,100 pounds

Capacity: 9 persons or 1,350 pounds,

Length on trailer: 31-foot-11

Height on trailer: 79 inches

A lifetime hull warranty is transferable for the first 10 years

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