Basstar Spintech Hooks

Through years of extensive research and engineering Basstar Inc. introduces Spintech Hooks, the first rotating treble hook for anglers.

Spintech Hooks increases your percentage of landing fish by decreasing the leverage that is caused by the weight of the lure or bait, and rotates 360 degrees freely which allows for the hook to relax when there is pressure put on the hooks from the fish, and reduces the chances of your fish ripping free.

Spintech Treble Hooks are designed with high carbon steel and each point is chemically sharpened providing durability for maximum results.

Typical treble hooks attached to lures suffer limited range in angular rotation locking up in multiple positions and experience unnecessary leverage and torque that pry hooks out of fish’s mouths. SpinTech’s unique ability to rotate in either direction reduces the locking problem. SpinTech Hooks reposition themselves with the changing momentum of struggling fish. Simply put, SpinTech maintains positive hook set and provides more fluid control over fish, no matter how hard they fight.

SpinTech Treble Hooks improves your hook ratio and fish catching by being able to spin in any direction that the fish is pulling. Standard treble hooks can only turn or twist a minimal distance before engaging in a lock position, which is most often when a fish puts pressure and rips the treble hooks out of its mouth. By having a hook that rotates, will reduce any locking position.

Basstar Inc. has been researching and engineering for many years to launch a treble hook that remedies many problems that anglers have been experiencing with treble hooks. As a result, Spintech Hooks are the first rotating treble hook that gives anglers more chances of not losing fish versus standard treble hooks.

All SpinTech Hooks are constructed with the line tie dropping directly down the center of the treble hook, so they remain balanced on any lure or bait and promote maximum performance. They are available in freshwater in the 1x and 2x Strength. Current size selections include #6, #4, #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0. More sizes will be available soon.

The larger hooks have 4 per pack and the smaller size hooks have 5 per pack.

Retail: $7.99 and up (depending on size)