Why bass fish from a kayak?

Picture a bass fisherman.

Odds are, what comes to mind is a heavy fiberglass v-hull, powered by the largest horsepower engine allowed in its class.

Butch Ridgedell says there are a lot of good reasons to fish for largemouth bass from a kayak. Here are eight of them.

• It’s cheaper. If I fished as much out of a bass boat as I do a kayak, I’d be broke from the initial cost, the fuel, and the maintenance.

• You fish harder in a kayak. In a bass boat, you are constantly running. You aren’t fishing a lot of a little water; you’re fishing a little of a lot of water.

• You can get into shallow weedy areas like grass flats and narrow canals.

• It’s peaceful. You get solitude. You fish where you want. Even when I fish with someone who has a kayak, they go their way and do what they want. I do the same. We just keep in touch by cell phone.

• You see more wildlife in a kayak. You are more in touch with your surroundings.

• You can slide into a spot quietly. Bass are extremely spooky. There is no hum of a trolling motor. Anything unnatural spooks them.

• You can launch anywhere. This is a huge advantage.

• A kayak is easier to transport and store. No shed is needed.

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