Slick river vegetation bassin’

Punching through vegetation  is a great way to catch bass, and lure manufacturers are now creating new options for just that purpose.

“These new-generation plastics that are soft, slick and subtle are quickly becoming a great tool in allowing us to more easily get to the bass in the Pearl,” Covington’s Jason Pittman said.

But he also adds a little something extra to his plastics to make them slip through grass mats and lily pads even easier.

“It’s called Liquid Mayhem, and it’s the next generation of fish attractants that actually help the lures slide into or on top of grass mats,” he said. “It is a scented offering for bass, but its coating is real slick and holds on a little longer than traditional bass attractants and gels.

“Using a liquid like this one makes plastic lures and their parts slide almost without obstruction into holes and through submerged vegetation.”

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