Lure Review: Kajun Boss spinnerbaits

Kajun Boss spinnerbaits are hanging and ready to go at Kajun Boss Outdoors. A model with an orange Colorado blade and gold Indiana blade is one of the most-popular, according to co-owner Marcus Curry of Centerville. (Picture by Kajun Boss Outdoors)

Louisiana pair has gone from catching bass to helping anglers

What began as a hobby to help Marcus Curry of Centerville and Levi Louviere of Franklin catch bass has turned into a small, but growing business to help others catch bass.

Kajun Boss Outdoors entered the fishing tackle industry in the mid-2010s. At first, Curry and Louviere offered tungsten weights, but they soon started making and selling the spinnerbaits on which they caught so many bass in and around the Atchafalaya Basin. Later, they introduced swimbaits.

“Our main deal is spinnerbaits,” Curry said. “It’s one of the better ones around here. A lot of people catch (bass) on it.

Two of the best would be the ¼- or 3/8-ounce chartreuse/white models with a gold Indiana blade and an orange Colorado blade, Curry said. That orange blade acts like a dinner bell.

“It’s a good, all-around spinnerbait in muddy water and clear water,” said Curry, who won’t get any complaints from Caleb Sumrall of New Iberia, one of the top bass anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series. A member of the Kajun Boss pro staff, he relies on Curry’s spinnerbaits because of their black-nickel hook, light but durable .032-gauge wire and realistic 3D eyes.

Sumrall said it’s his favorite spinnerbait, one that gave him one of his highest finishes as a pro, in 2018 on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. He likes to match the blades to the size of baitfish present in the waters he’s fishing.

He prefers a white or white/chartreuse skirt, trying to match the brightness to the color of the water he’s fishing. If it’s dirtier water, he uses a whiter white or a brighter chartreuse, he said.

Atchafalaya Basin

His Kajun Boss spinnerbaits get a workout on his home water in the Atchafalaya Basin.

“Yeah, in the Basin, you can throw it around wind-blown trees, wind-blown points, also laydowns, anything near moving water. Drains will be a good place, anywhere you’ve got water fluctuating out of a drain,” he said.

Curry, 37, prides himself on the fact the spinnerbaits are custom-made in a shed behind his home in Centerville. They can mix or match blades — Indiana, Colorado and willow-leaf — as well as silicone skirt colors.

Marcus Curry (right), co-owner of Kajun Boss Outdoors, and bass pro Caleb Sumrall of New Iberia hold some big, thick bass they caught on Kajun Boss spinnerbaits.

According to Curry, some popular colors other than chartreuse/white are toxic shad, junebug and bream, but they make any color combination with skirts, which have approximately 55 strands.

“Basically, all the different color skirts we make ourselves. That gives us the advantage of doing custom colors, something different,” he said.

Kajun Boss spinnerbaits are made with an R-bend instead of a twist eye for the line tie. The size of the wire is a big plus, Curry said.

“It’s a lighter gauge. It’s a thin wire. It’s basically designed to get more vibration out of it,” he said.

Are they durable?

“For a .032-gauge wire, yes, ’til you catch a choupique (aka grinnell, bowfin or mudfish) or something like that,” he said, chuckling.

Night fishing

Kajun Boss Outdoors also offers spinnerbaits designed especially for fishing at night — a model with an oversized Colorado blade — and for redfish — a single-bladed model adorned with either a silicone skirt or a soft plastic cocahoe.

The spinnerbaits are racking up bass in areas other than Cajun Country, where they are in six stores. The biggest store is the online website.

“We make baits and do orders all over the country, plus Australia and South America. Basically, we sell them all over the world through our online store,” he said.

For more information on Kajun Boss spinnerbaits and other Kajun Boss Outdoors products, visit or call 337-277-3937.

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